Nexar App Low Battery Feature



If you see a low battery status in the dash cam status bar this means that the battery level has reached 30% and the dash cam has entered Battery Saving Mode.  To avoid complete drainage of the battery, you will not be able to initiate a live stream in order to preserve battery for parking incidents. No worries, your dash cam’s battery will be charged when it's connected to power while you are driving. It could take between 45-95 minutes to reach 100% battery, depending on the state of the battery. 

Parking Incidents with Battery Saving Mode

Nexar preserves battery to allow the dash cam to wake up in case of a parking incident. In case of impact, Nexar One will turn on and record a 30 second parking clip. The video will be uploaded to the cloud and you will get a SMS (if you have a +Connectivity add-on and active subscription). If you would like to start a Live Stream after getting this SMS you can head in to the Nexar app and tap Live to initiate a remote stream. This button will be disabled after 5 minutes.

Parking Incident detection also depends on the dash cam’s battery level. For Low Battery issue fix for your Nexar One, you may read this article for more information.

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